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Mary’s Gone Crackers manufactures delicious organic, gluten free and vegan snacks made with real, whole food ingredients. Our signature Crackers and our Pretzels contain only whole grains and seeds, without added fats or trans-fats. Be sure to try our love Cookies which are sweetened with coconut palm sugar and contain chia seeds! Our mission is “To heal humanity and the planet by inspiring Conscious Eating.”

Mary’s Gone Crackers is always free of wheat, gluten, dairy, eggs and nuts. Certified Organic, Kosher and Gluten-Free. Whole, Healthful and Delicious!

All products are baked in Mary’s Gone Crackers' own gluten-free and organic facility. Mary’s Gone Crackers is Conscious Eating. Products are available nationally in grocery stores and natural food stores. Learn more at

Mother Nature provides us with all of the unique, hardy and nutritious ingredients we need to create delicious food, without the need to alter the genetic structure of our crops. Our tagline, CONSCIOUS EATING, means we care about feeding people food that nourishes our bodies and sustains our planet. Mary’s Gone Crackers knows that organically grown food is crucial to a healthy planet and we will never use GMO ingredients. Special Promotions
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