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GREEN GOLD is THE Organic Herbal Moisturizer
For Beautiful Sensitive Skin

Make your life more beautiful and less toxic with GREEN GOLD. A certified organic herbal moisturizer that REALLY works! Smoothes and soothes aging skin, promotes skin healing and healthy looking skin and reduces the appearance of fine line wrinkles. Use daily and nightly for best results.

GREEN GOLD Organic Herbal Moisturizer is an age defying beauty treatment for face, hands, neck and sun damaged areas. You will find GREEN GOLD safe and nontoxic for sensitive skin. Replaces petrochemical based lotions, salves, serums and balms with 100% organic plant based ingredients.

Contraindications: Do not use if allergic to shea nut butter, calendula, rosemary or St Johns Wort herb.

Our research into enhancing the moisturizing and healing effects of shea butter resulted in GREEN GOLD. Shea butter is an effective skin unguent known to reduce inflammation. What, we wondered, would we get if we enhanced shea butter with essential fatty acids from organic hemp seed oil and then infused it with healing herbs like Calendula, St Johns Wort and Rosemary? And could we also improve the absorption rate of natural shea butter into skin by doing so?

GREEN GOLD Organic Herbal Moisturizer is the result of those years of research into enhancing shea butter. Your face and hands and body will love it and ask for more.

Beauty Secret! - Use GREEN GOLD with the SHEA BUTTER BAR and out new HONEY LOVE FACE MASK as a Cleanse/Exfoliate/Condition/Moisturize/Heal organic beauty regimen. Cleanse with the moisturizing Butter Bar. Exfoliate and condition with the Honey Love Face Mask. Moisturize and Heal with GREEN GOLD Organic Herbal Moisturizer.

At Vermont Soap we believe that petroleum based ingredients and products are contaminated with traces of benzene rings and other toxic volatiles from the vagaries of the petroleum refining process. Only USDA certified organic skin care guarantees that a product is truly safe, nontoxic and natural.

You no longer have to poison yourself in the name of beauty! Use GREEN GOLD and all Vermont Soap products to make your home and your life more beautiful and less toxic.

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